our firm

Our outstanding record of performance is a result of partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams around the world.

Investment Strategy
We invest across a broad range of sectors in each of our target areas, all with identified opportunities to leverage offshore cost structures to transform their businesses. Our current areas of focus are healthcare services, financial services, legal support services, software development services, and human capital management. 

We invest in companies with substantial global potential, demonstrating that a substantial market exists for their products or services. The company should have the potential for public listing or sale within 3 to 7 years.

Calibrated Group is a private equity fund established in 2003.  We seek to invest in and to develop emerging companies for which substantial returns are possible.  Our direct senior management experience in transforming US and global companies supports our investments’ success.  Our portfolio companies aim to return superior value growth driven by strategically transforming their competitive advantage and restructuring their business processes to take advantage of offshore labor and skills.  

Global Vision 
We believe that certain markets will soon compete on a global stage - for client relationships and for staff.  Companies that embrace this challenge and lead the way will succeed.  Those that don’t, will become marginalized.  

Offshore outsourcing presents an opportunity for companies to restructure their business operations to capture cost structures that can disrupt industries.  Calibrated Group is committed to helping its portfolio companies seize leadership positions in their industries by helping them transform their businesses---not just incrementally by shaving cost, but by fundamentally reengineering their strategy and processes.

It is a bold vision.  And we are excited to work with our companies to achieve it.